Books for Medievalists

Free books for medievalists! Professor Richard Sharpe (1954–2020) was Professor of Diplomatic in the University and one of the country’s foremost medievalists, whose research ranged from the early Irish church to Anglo-Norman royal acts to the transmission of medieval Latin texts and medieval books and libraries. He was also a large presence in the History Faculty and much involved in graduate tuition. Books from Professor Sharpe’s library are now being offered gratis to local medievalists. A great encourager of others, he would have been delighted to know that his books could be helping the next generation. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Champion to reserve books and arrange collection.

A Culture of Translation: British and Irish Scholarship in the Gennadius Library (1740-1840): 13Lynda Mulvin
Acts of GivingWendy Davies
Anglo-Norman England 1066-1166Marjorie Chibnall
Annuaire de l’nstitut Michel Villey – 2011 Vol 3Olivier Beaud, Denis Baranger
Antiquaries Journal
Antiquaries Journal Vol. LXIX Part II
Antiquaries Journal Vol. LXX Part I AND ii
Archaeologia 1991
Canon Law, Careers and ConquestJorg Peltzer
Carolingian EssaysAndrew W. Mellon
Charles the BaldJanet Nelson
Concise Dictionary of National Biography
Copistia Bologna (1265-1270)Giovanna Murano
Du Burca Rare Books Catalogues 132, 135, 136, 139, 140, 141, and ‘Irishwomen, Children, Education’
Ducal Brittany 1364-1399Michael Jones
Early Medieval ItalyChris Wickham
Early Medieval Spain, 2nd edRoger Collins
FeudalismFrançois Louis Ganshof
Folia CaesarAugustana I
Gaelic Literature SurveyedAodh de Blacam
Hereditas Monasteriorum Vols. 1-8
Hermanthena No. 194 Summer 2013
Ideal and Reality in Frankish and Anglo-Saxon SocietyPatrick Wormald
Il Libro e il Testo Atti del Convegno
Il registro di Andrea SapitiBarbara Bombi
Im Umkreis von AnselmBernd Goebel
Imperial Lives and Letters of the Eleventh CenturyMommsen and Morrison
Introducing the Old TestamentCoggins
Ireland and the Culture of Early Medieval EuropeL. Bieler
John Aubrey and the Advancement of LearningWilliam Poole
Journal of the British Archaeological Association Vols. 156-172
Journal of the British Archaeological Association Vols. 1990-99
Journal of Theological Studies New Series Vol. 35 Part 1
Journal of Theological Studies New Series Vol. 40 Part 1
Journal of Theological Studies New Series Vol. 41 Part 1
Journal of Theological Studies New Series Vol. 41 Part 2
Journal of Theological Studies New Series Vol. 43 Part 2
Journal of Theological Studies New Series Vol. 44 Part 1
Journal of Theological Studies New Series Vol. 45 Part 2
King David: A BiographySteven L McKenzie
La France CistercienneArmelle Bonis
La Vie Religieuse en France au Moyen AgeB. Merdrignac
Lawfinders and LawmakersHelen Cam
Les Origines de la BretagneLeon Fleuriot
Leviticus as LiteratureMary Douglas
Lexicography: An emerging international professionRobert F. Ilson
Magna Commoditas: A istory of Leiden University Library 1575-2005C. Berkvens-Stevelinck
Medieval French BridgesMarjorie Nice Boyer
Montaillou, Village OccitanLe Roy Ladurie
Nederlandse boekgeschiedenisJaarboek Voor
North Country Bishop; A Biography of William NicholsonFrancis Godwin James
Northern History vols. 1966-1995
Northern History, June 1964 February 1969, June 1969
Oxford University Calendar 1999-2000
Oxford University Calendar 2000-2001
Oxford University Calendar 2005-2006
Parliament and Politics in the Age of Churchill and Attlee: The Headlam diaries 1935-51Stuart Ball
Patrology Vol. IVAngelo di Berardino
Place Names of Northern Ireland, County Antrim I, Vol 4
Place Names of Northern Ireland, County Down I Vol 1
Place Names of Northern Ireland, County Down II Vol 2
Place Names of Northern Ireland, County Down IV, Vol 6
Pope John XXII and his Franciscan CardinalPatrick Nold
Proceedings of the British Academi, Bibiographical Memoirs of Fellows Vols. I-XVIII
Proceedings of the British Academy Lectures & Memoirs 1988-2000
Projets de CroisadeJaques Paviot
Province and EmpireJulia Smith
Religion and PowerDouglas Edwards
Royal Historical Society Centenary Guide 1868-1968
Scaliger’s Oriental Legacy in Leiden 1609-2009
Sean, nua agus síoraíocht : Féilscríbhinn in ómós do Dháithí Ó hÓgáinRíonach Uí Ógáin
Small WorldsWendy Davies
Society of Antiquaries of London Annual Report 1990-91
Studies on the Life and Legend of St PatrickL. Bieler
Sussex Archaelogical Collections Vol. 126
The Antiquaries Journal 1991-2019
The Antiquaries Journal Index 61-70
The Barbarian West 400-1000J. M. Wallace-Hadrill
The Christianisation of Latin MetreSeppo Heikkinen
The Dublin ScuffleJohn Dunton
The End of Ancient ChristianityR. A. Markus
The English Historical Review No. 323
The gate of horn: a study of the religious conceptions of the stone age, and their influence upon European thoughtGertrude Rachel Levy
The Irish Contribution to European Scholastic ThoughMcEvoy and Dunne
The Irish Matryoshka: A History of Irish Monks in Medieval EuropeHarkins/OhEarcain
The Kingship and Landscape of TaraEdel Bhreathnac
The Letters of Pierre de CrosWilliman
The Merovingian Kingdoms 450-751Ian Wood
The Settlement of Disputes in Early Medieval EuropeWendy Davies and Paul Fouracre
The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History Vols I and II
The Spanish Kingdoms 1250-1516: Vol. I 1250-1410
The Spanish Kingdoms 1250-1516: Vol. II 1410-1516
Trinity College Cambridge Annual Record 1995-2019
Wadham College Gazette 2017
Wadham College Gazette 2018
William BlackstoneWilfrid Prest