• Medieval Matters: Week 5
    We are now half way through Trinity Term! Though it is one of the busiest times of year, we also get to enjoy how beautiful Oxford looks in the sunshine. The fact that everything just looks better in the summer is acknowledged in the Old English Seafarer: Bearwas blostmum nimað, byrig fægriað,wongas wlitigað [The groves […]
  • (23rd May) Botany and Zoology Treasure of New College Library
    As part of New College Library’s series of subject-themed exhibitions, on Monday, 23 May we shall have on display for you rare books and manuscripts from the library’s fabulous collections relating to Botany and Zoology.
  • Coffee Morning with Professor William Chester Jordan
    The Faculty of History and Oxford Medieval Studies are pleased to invite you to an informal meet and greet coffee morning with William Chester Jordan (Professor of Medieval History,Princeton University) on the occasion of his reception of an honorary degree of the University of Oxford.When? Thursday 23rd June, 10.30am-12 noonWhere? The garden of Harris Manchester […]
  • Medieval Matters: Week 4
    The weekend saw the glitz, glam, and questionable music of the Eurovision song contest! Whether you tuned in or not, here is some wisdom on songs, from the Old English Maxims: Longað þonne þy læs þe him con leoþa worn.[He who knows many songs is less troubled by longing] But what, I hear you ask, […]
  • ETC Seminar on Textual Cultures in Contact (Oxford, TT22)
    The Early Text Cultures research cluster based at Oxford is pleased to present its Research Seminar series in Trinity Term (May and June 2022), which will be on ‘Textual Cultures in Contact’. Through sessions comprising paired papers, this seminar series will enable participants and attendees alike to gain fresh perspectives on the nature of ‘contact’ among textual cultures, and on the affordances and limitations of their […]
  • Marriages, Unmarriages, and Subjectivities: A Roundtable Discussion with Sara McDougall and Hannah Skoda
    The Oxford Medieval Society is pleased to announce our first event of Trinity Term 2022, a Roundtable Discussion with Professors Sara McDougall and Hannah Skoda.  We invite all interested parties to attend the event on Thursday 26th May at 13:00-14.30, in the New Seminar Room in St. John’s College. Participants will be able to ask questions and engage […]
  • Medieval Matters: Week 3
    It is with very great sadness that I have to pass on the news that Nigel F. Palmer, Emeritus Professor of German Medieval and Linguistic Studies, Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund Hall, FBA, died yesterday, Sunday 8 May 2022. Lesley Smith and Henrike Lähnemann write: Nigel Palmer was one of those scholars defining medieval studies. […]
  • OMS Small Grants TT 2022
    The TORCH Oxford Medieval Studies Programme invites applications for small grants to support conferences, workshops, and other forms of collaborative research activity organised by researchers at postgraduate (whether MSt or DPhil) or early-career level from across the Humanities Division at the University of Oxford. The activity should take place between June 2022 and January 2023. The closing date for […]
  • Medieval Matters: Week 2
    May is here, and with it, the long-awaited return of May Day celebrations in Oxford. Whether you managed to attend the May Morning revelries or not, here is some celebratory wisdom for the occasion, from the Durham Proverbs: Hwilum æfter medo menn mæst geþyrsteð.[Sometimes people are thirstiest after drinking mead] What the anonymous poet forgot […]
  • Public Lecture – Christine de Pizan
    The Oxford Medieval Society is pleased to announce a public lecture by Dr Charlotte Cooper-Davis on Thursday 9th June 2022. Dr Cooper-Davis will speak on the topic of “Christine de Pizan: Guilty Feminist?”. The lecture will take place in the New Seminar Room in St. John’s College, 13:00-14.30. About the speaker: Dr Charlotte Cooper-Davis is […]
  • Catch-up: Oxford Medieval Mystery Plays 2022
    Following a two-year pandemic break, it was a joyous occasion for all to be able to attend in-person the second annual performance of the Oxford Medieval Mystery Plays hosted by St Edmund Hall on 23 April last week. The production was led by Professor Henrike Lähnemann, St Edmund Hall Fellow and Professor of Medieval German […]
  • Reflections on directing a mystery play in French
    by Prof. David Wiles The French play was part of the Oxford Medieval Mystery Cycle performed on 23 April 2022 in St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. The Playgroup: Les Soeurs de Sainte-Hilde (avec la participation de quelques paysans d’Iffleï) had been formed for the occasion by director: David Wiles The play is part of […]
  • Trinity Term 2022 OMS Lecture: Caroline Danforth
    Paper, Linen, Silk, and Parchment – Material Fragments from an Extinguished Convent Tuesday 26 April 2022, 5p. Watch the recording on the OMS Youtube Channel Apollonia von Freyberg was a Poor Clare nun living in the medieval village of Mülhausen (today, Mulhouse, France). We know of Apollonia through an artefact housed at the National Gallery […]
  • Medieval Matters: Week 1
    Trinity term has arrived! I hope that everyone has been enjoying the warmer weather and arrival of Spring. We welcomed the beginning of term with the spectacular Mystery Plays last Saturday. On behalf of OMS, I’d like to extend a huge thank-you to all medievalists across Oxford who took part in the Plays whether as […]
  • CFP: Hyggnathing 
    Following on from last year’s sucess, Hyggnathing returns this year for a fully online one-day conference for graduate students of Old Norse. We hope that the online format will allow students to join regardless of their financial situation (in-person conferences are expensive!) and geographical location. 
  • Corpus Christi Seminar and Conference on Terence, Eunuchus
    Corpus Christi Double Act on Terence Eunuchus: Introductory Seminar and Research Conference Join us for this double act to learn more about Terence and his late-antique, medieval, and modern reception!
  • Medicine and Healing: The 18th Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference
    The 2022 Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference organising committee is pleased to announce the programme for Medicine and Healing. Medicine and Healing: The 18th Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference 21st-22nd April, online and in-person at Ertegun House, St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LD. Sponsored by the Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities, Oxford Medieval Studies, the Oxford […]
  • The Oxford Medieval Mystery Cycle 2022
    23 April 2022, 12noon to 5pm. A cycle of medieval mystery plays performed by various groups around St Edmund Hall. A multilingual medieval experience not to be missed! All welcome (free of charge)! Performed by a variety of groups with links to Oxford Medieval Studies. Full information Henrike Lähnemann & Lesley Smith, Manager: Eleanor […]
  • Medieval Coffee Mornings are back!
    Medievalists Coffee Mornings back from 22 April @bodleiancsb. Every Friday 10:30-11:30am in the Visiting Scholars Centre in the Weston Library. Access via the Readers Entrance on Museum Road. All bodcard holders welcome! Tea Roof terrace Sneak preview of new acquisitions @oxmedstud grads: Apply NOW to Chris Fletcher for title of “bibliobarista” to help & pick […]
  • Workshop Report: ‘The Murbach Hymns (MS. Junius 25) – Vernacular Glossing in the Early Middle Ages’
    The workshop ‘The Murbach Hymns (MS. Junius 25) – Vernacular Glossing in the Early Middle Ages’ (17–18 February 2022) highlighted a remarkable text ensemble: the Murbach hymns, a Latin hymnal with Old High German interlinear glosses. Taking this text, one of the oldest sources of Old High German, and its manuscript MS. Junius 25 (Oxford, […]
  • Dag Nikolaus Hasse (Würzburg University): What is European? Medieval, Colonial and Postcolonial Perspectives
    Friday, 10 June 2022, 5pm, in St Edmund Hall, Old Library We often talk about Europe, but our traditional ideas about European culture are questionable. This is because we carry views from the colonial and romantic periods that distort our image of history and geography and may prove a burden for future coexistence on the […]
  • The Lyell Lectures 2022: From Memory to Written Record: English Liturgical Books and Musical Notations, 900–1150
    You can book to attend the lectures in person or watch Lecture 1 live online. Click here to register. 3 May 2022, 5–6pm (BST)Lecture 1: Sound and its Capture in Anglo-Saxon England 5 May 2022, 5–6pm (BST)Lecture 2: Lecture 2: A Community of Scribes at Worcester 10 May 2022, 5–6pm (BST)Lecture 3: St Augustine’s and […]
  • (11 April) Workshop: ‘The Literary heritage of Anglo-Dutch relations, 1050-1600’
    On 11 April, the research team working on the Leverhulme-funded project ‘The Literary heritage of Anglo-Dutch relations, 1050-1600’ holds an informal workshop / reading group in the Weston Library at the Bodleian, 14:00-16:00. The format are three papers by Laura Cleaver (School of Advanced Studies, University of London: ‘Illuminated Manuscripts and the Shaping of English […]
  • (11 April) The Masters of the Dark Eyes in England
    Date: Monday 11 April 2022Time: 5.15–6.15pmLocation: Lecture Theatre, Weston Library & onlineSpeaker: Professor Kathleen Kennedy, British Academy Global Professor, University of BristolThe event is free but booking for in-person tickets is required. Click here to register for the event The Masters of the Dark Eyes in England and the invention of the Tudor court artist This […]
  • (2 April) Ages of Politics, Philosophy and Economics
    Ages of Politics, Philosophy and Economics:From Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe to the Modern Day Leading academics reflect on aspects of politics, philosophy or economics at different times in history. Can the lessons of the past help us move towards a better future? Date: Saturday 2nd April, 2022Location: The Pontigny Room, St Edmund Hall, Queens […]
  • (25 April) The Book at the Bodleian
    For twenty years, the Lyell benefaction has offered a career development fellowship that has enabled scholars to study subjects that have included the History of the Book, bibliography and palaeography. Now, these nine Lyell Fellows come together for the first time to reflect on developments in their respective fields and present their current research. Register now for what promises to be a lively, engaging […]
  • Medieval Matters: Eastermonað to us cymeð
    Term has ended, Spring is finally here, and Easter is just on the horizon! Hopefully you are enjoying the sunshine, wherever you are. To celebrate, I come to your inbox with CFPs, Save-the-dates, and, of course, some Old English wisdom! First of all, some wisdom about the importance of rest and relaxation, taken from Maxims […]