The text reads ' OMGC 2023. Save the Date! Online and in Oxford, 20th - 21st April, 2023 ', and is overlaid on a manuscript, a 15th century preist's vade medum, Bodleian Library MS. Douce 18, f. 44 v. This folio is the calendar page for April.

Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference 2023

The Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference is back on April 20-21, 2023 with the theme of ‘Names and Naming’!

The conference takes place fully hybrid, in Oxford and online. Follow us on Twitter @OxMedGradConf and In the meantime, check out the conference website (, with its extensive digital collection of Oxford medieval medical manuscripts and its blog featuring some excellent articles on past conference themes. If you’d like to contribute a blog post or have any questions about the conference, you can get in touch at

20 Apr, 09:00 – 21 Apr, 18:00. Online & In-Person at Ertegun House, Oxford
Register here for free to participate remotely


9:55-10:00 Opening Remarks

10:00-11:30 Session 1: Individual & Unique

  • Tristan Alphey, ‘Nicknames in Early Medieval England and Social Regulation’
  • Will Hoff, ‘In the name of Robin Hood: a new look at byname evidence for the outlaw tradition’
  • Sebastian Dows-Miller, ‘Jean from Saint-Quentin: who was he, and does it matter?’

12:00-13:30 Session 2: Patterns & Variations

  • Madeleine Killacky, ‘Rubricating Names in Malory’s Le Morte Darthur
  • Birger Mård, ‘Name-phrase variation in the Arboga municipal court records (1450–1569)’
  • Marina Ilia, ‘Naming Patterns in Venetian Cyprus’

14:30-16:00 Session 3: Reading the Land

  • Abigail Lloyd, ‘How to find a medieval settlement by the name of a hill? A challenge to the Gelling and Cole hypothesis’
  • Christophe de Coster, ‘‘Hic Sunt Dracones’: data-driven analysis of the (un)changing nature of toponyms and its implications for toponym-based landscape-reconstructions
  • Em Horne, ‘An Examination of the value of place-names as evidence for the history, landscape and, especially, language(s) of the Lancashire Coast’

16:30-17:30 Keynote Address 1 Dr David Zakarian, ‘The World through the Eyes of Medieval Armenian Scribes’


10:00-11:30 Session 4: Genealogies & Histories

  • Claire Lober, ‘Monuments to Meaning in the Historia and Brut y Brenhinedd
  • Deepashree Dutta, ‘The Little Kingdom of Bishnupur: Naming, Self-Fashioning and Making of a Vaishnava Devotional Realm’
  • Jodie Miller, ‘Naming and Moral Lineage in Les Enfances de Renart

12:00-13:30 Session 5: Identification & Definition

  • Jack Nunn, ‘Anthological Identities: Naming Names in the Robertet Manuscripts’
  • Wyn Shaw, ‘Naming, Gender and Transition in Old French Chansons de Geste
  • Nancy Michaud, ‘Masons’ Marks in the York Minster: Using masons’ marks to understand the construction of the York Minster’

14:30-16:00 Session 6: Unseen & Unknown

  • Hillel Feuerstein, ‘Satan is a List: Naming Demons in Medieval Kabbalah’
  • Ilinca-Simona Ionescu, ‘Naming Household Spirits: a Lexicographic Perspective on Late Medieval Spain’
  • Rodrigo Ballon Villanueva, ‘Naming God: A More Radical Medieval Theory?’

16:30-17:30 Keynote Address 2 Professor Richard Dance, ‘The Name Game: The Etymologist vs. the Vikings’

17:30-17:45 OMGC 2024 Theme Selection + Closing Remarks

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