12th Century Iffley – Study Day

An event organised by Living Stones, St Mary the Virgin, Iffley on Saturday 18 May, 2.00 – 5.00 Iffley Church Hall OX4 4EG.

Iffley Church was built in the 1160s. Its lavish design and ornamentation clearly express complex ideas that were topical then but which mystify today’s visitors. Living Stones, the church’s education and heritage programme, is exploring the changing world of the building’s patron and parishioners. This year a series of study days focuses on life and scholarship in the twelfth century. The opening talks are on manuscripts from St Frideswide’s Priory and records of pilgrims to St Frideswide’s shrine with Andrew Dunning and Anne Bailey. On 13 July 2024, Emily Winkler presents interpretations of the past, and Stewart Tiley immerses us in book creation. On 8 September we explore the explosive influence of communication with the Arab world with Teresa Whitcombe, and the spread of secular music with Ian Pittaway. We hope to continue the theme next year with a focus on the symbolism of the architectural features and carvings around the church. Please get in touch if you are interested in sharing your research! For contact details and this year’s programme see https://livingstonesiffley.org.uk/events

Dr Andrew Dunning, St Frideswide’s Legacy: Literature and Local Care in Twelfth-Century Oxford

The canons of St Frideswide’s Priory relaunched what later became Christ Church Cathedral in the 12th century. The Priory became a locally renowned place of pilgrimage attracting large numbers of women looking for healing for themselves and their families. Surviving miracle stories show the concern that the canons took for local pastoral care, and their efforts to reach equally ‘the rich and the poor, the small with the great’.

Dr Anne E. Bailey, St Frideswide’s Female Pilgrims in the Middle Ages.

Further information on Dr Anne E. Bailey’s work can be found on https://twitter.com/AnneEBailey1  and her publications page. And sign up here for the Pilgrimage Study Day on 25 June 2024, co-organised be her, with a keynote address by Andrew Dunning

Sign up here for the for the Pilgrimage walk along St Frideswide’s Way (26-29 June 2024), a guided walk with prayers and reflection to launch the new pilgrimage route between Oxford and Reading. Led by Dr Anne Bailey, Canon Sally Welch, and Revd Dr Zachary Guiliano. Pilgrims will be blessed at the beginning of the journey by the Bishop of Oxford. Further information and an electronic form will be sent to those who register their interest here. A maximum of two groups of 20 will be led on the walk, and those who have registered their interest first will be given priority.

Header image: The Norman West porch of St Mary the Virgin, Iffley

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