CFP: Medicine at the Fringes in the Northern World (1000-1500): Manuscripts, Language, and Society

For consideration by Medieval Institute Publications & De Gruyter

Proposals for engaging essays (approximately 9,000 words) are warmly welcomed that explore and challenge our understanding of medicine in the Nordic-Atlantic areas. The essays will challenge conventional perspectives and delve into the intriguing realms of illness, health, body, disability, and
medicine as depicted in manuscripts, literature, and society from the Northern Atlantic World during the medieval era.

Our interdisciplinary approach aims to shed light on marginal perspectives and subversive themes prevalent in medical texts from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and other Norse colonies, including Scotland, Ireland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Medieval England. The collection of essays will examine the societal significance of the female body, the gendered model of illness, conceptions of body, health, and disability, as well as attitudes towards remedies of dubious nature.

We welcome contributions from scholars at all career stages. Whether you’re delving into Old English Studies, Middle English Studies, Old Norse Studies, or exploring themes in Disability Studies and Gender Studies, we want to hear from you. The book will include commissioned and invited works. Current contributions include medical charms in Anglo-Norman sources, Disability and social function in the works of John Arderne, and Social acceptability of disability in Sigurðar saga þögla.

Selected essays will form a thought-provoking collection submitted for consideration by Medieval Institute Publication & De Gruyter under the series ‘The Northern Medieval World.’

Submit your 300-word abstract along with a brief introduction of yourself to the editor, Luthien Cangemi (, by May 20th, 2024. First full drafts of contributions are expected in January 2025. Join us in uncovering the hidden narratives of medicine in the North Atlantic World!

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