Middle High German Lecture Series

In Michaelmas 2023, Dr Nikolaus Ruge (Universität Trier) will return to Oxford as Visiting Lecturer in German Historical Linguistics at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages and deliver an updated lecture series on Middle High German. This is mainly designed as an introductory course for students of the German Paper IV ‘Historical Linguistics’ but the recordings are available to a general audience interested in medieval languages. The first two lectures take place in person on Friday 13 October (week 1) and 20 October (week 2), 3-4pm in the Taylor Institution Library, Room 2, the following lectures will be recorded online. The first lecture will also see the launch of the 11th edition of the popular study guide ‘Old and Middle High German’ (utb Sept 2023).

Recordings of the lecture series 2022:

I. Middle High German: time, space, language (panopto recording, handout), live on 14 Oct 2022
II. Early Middle High German (1050-1170) (panopto recording, handout), live on 21 Oct 2022
III. ‘Classical’ Middle High German (1170-1250) (panopto recording, handout), recorded
IV. Late Middle High German (1250-1350) (panopto recording, handout), recorded together with William Thurlwell
V. Developments in the Language System 1: Graphemics and Phonology (panopto recording, handout), recorded together with William Thurlwell
VI. Developments in the Language System 2: Morphology (panopto recording, handout)
VII. Developments in the language system 3: Word formation (panopto recording, handout)
VIII.  Developments in the Language System 4: Morphosyntax and Syntax (panopto recording, handout)

Lectures recorded in Oxford are accessible once they are recorded via the Panopto folder Paper IV, all lectures are included in the playlist “German Historical Linguistics” https://tinyurl.com/PaperIVHistoricalLinguistics. Thanks for help with the English translation of the lectures to William Thurlwell, for technical and topical support to Henrike Lähnemann.

The textbook for this lecture course is The Oxford Guide to Middle High German. The set text for Middle High German is Helmbrecht in the edition by Karl-Heinz Göttert (2015). Oxford students can access further resources such as reading lists and essay topics via the Canvas page.

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