Seminar on the History of Domestic Violence

The 5th Seminar in History of Domestic Violence and Abuse series, organized by Juliana Dresvina & Anu Lahtinen, University of Oxford & University of Helsinki.

October 1, 2021 at 10am GMT

Elena Chepel, ‘How to complain about violence if you are a woman: language and gender in Ptolemaic papyrus petitions

Despina Iosif, ‘Populus Exasperatus: The violent Graeco-Roman crowd

Annette Volfing, ‘Beating the bride into Shape: Domestic violence within bridal mysticism

Juliana Dresvina ‘The Uncomfortable Liber Confortatorius: Grooming in a monastery?’

Since January 2021, Lahtinen & Dresvina have been organizing online seminars on the long history of domestic violence and abuse. For more information about the following events, please follow the updates via

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