(2 April) Ages of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Ages of Politics, Philosophy and Economics:
From Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe to the Modern Day

Leading academics reflect on aspects of politics, philosophy or economics at different times in history. Can the lessons of the past help us move towards a better future?

Date: Saturday 2nd April, 2022
Location: The Pontigny Room, St Edmund Hall, Queens Lane Oxford OX1 4AR.
Time: Lectures start at 9-30am, with a coffee break at 11am and lunch from 1pm to 2pm.
The final lecture will end by 3-30pm. To reserve a free place, please visit agesofppe.eventbrite.co.uk or just come along on the day.

Dr Andrew Sillett is a Lecturer in Latin Literature and Roman History in the Department of Classics and St Hilda’s College at the University of Oxford. His chief interests in the ancient world are the life and times of Marcus Tullius Cicero. His lecture will be a very timely ‘Idiot’s Guide to Toppling a Dictator’

Dr Emily A. Winkler is a Fellow by Special Election at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, working on historical writing and the literary, political, and intellectual culture of the high Middle Ages, with interests in the British Isles, the Anglo-Norman world, and the North Sea zone. She also works on the social and material culture of the Norman Mediterranean world, especially Sicily and southern Italy.

Professor Bill Durodie is Professor and Chair of International Relations in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies at the University of Bath, where his research interests include Risk, Resilience, Radicalization, Fear, Security, Science and Society. Bill held posts in Canada and Singapore, as well as at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and in the War Studies Group of King’s College London before joining the University of Bath in 2014.

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