Medieval Matters: Week 0 HT21

Dear all,

Term time approaches! And at long last, the thing you’ve been waiting for all vac: get a sneak peek at all the exciting events, seminars, and reading groups you can attend in Hilary in the MEDIEVAL BOOKLET! Peruse it here! The OMS website and digital calendar will be fully updated by the end of the week.

In the meantime, a few things that merit your attention: 

*This Thursday, 14 January, at 2 pm GMT, Helsinki’s Anu Lahtinen and our own Juliana Dresvina are hosting a Zoom seminar on the History of Domestic Violence. There will be much medieval material: Hannah Skoda and Kristi DiClemente will both present on medieval France, while Kirsi Kanerva and Ilya Sverdlov will be speaking about the Icelandic family sagas, alongside other papers of general interest. For further information, contact Julie at You can join the Zoom meeting here.

*Next Monday, 18 January, 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm GMT, will be the Oxford Italian Sub-Faculty research Seminar. The speaker is Dr David Bowe (University College Cork) on ‘Meditation and/as Dialogue in Dante’. To register, contact to be added to the Teams channel.

*To get us all through Lockdown 3.0, Sebastian Dows-Miller has some excellent Twitter-tainment. The various beasts of Merton’s copy of Philip de Thaun’s Bestiary haved joined forces to provide you with regular updates, complete with manuscript illuminations. Follow @MertonBeasts on Twitter for some #LockdownBestiary antics!

Your regularly scheduled Medieval Matters emails will resume next week. Prepare yourselves!

All best wishes,


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