Medieval Matters: Week 5 TT20

Dear Medievalists,

As we step beyond the halfway point in term to week 5, we still have plenty of things happenings in Oxford’s medieval seminars and reading groups. So I hope you can join us.


  • First, there is the Old English Work-in-Progress seminar, and today (25th) it hosts Mark Atherton who will be discussing ‘Ælfwine and the guild of thegns: another look at the second half of The Battle of Maldon’. Join the group on the OMS Teams at 4pm.
  • Then later today at the History Seminar, you can talk to Paul Hyams about his paper that asks ‘What was a “Privata Convencio” in the Twelfth Century and did it Matter? St. Edmund of Bury, the Cockfileds and the Suffolk Gentry’. I realise that the link last week didn’t take some people straight to the talk (only to the Seminar’s home page), hopefully it should work this week. You can read the paper here (and then clicking on ‘files’ at the top). Then you should be able to join the conversation at 5pm by clicking here.
  • The Early Slavonic Seminar meets on Tuesday (26th) from 5pm when Ines Garcia de la Puente will speak about ‘Tradition and Creation, or How did Rus’ian Chronicles Construct their World?’. You can join them on Zoom by clicking here.
  • Then on Wednesday (27th) at 11.15am the Graduate Seminar in Medieval German continues their discussion of Meister Eckhart’s sermons on Freedom. You can get in contact with the seminar by emailing
  • Later on Wednesday (at 5pm) the Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar will meet when Yannis Stouraitis will discuss ‘Representations of Romanness in Byzantine Civil Wars’. The Teams channel can be joined by clicking here.

Reading Groups

  • The Old Norse Graduate Forum will meet today at 5.30pm on OMS Teams. For more information, email
  • Then on Tuesday, the wonderful Medieval Book Club will be reading the work of Friar Jordanus, and his ‘The Wonders of the East’ as part of their theme of travel this term. You can join them from 3.30pm via their channel on OMS Teams.
  • The Old English Reading Group will be meeting on Thursday (28th) at 5.30pm in the OMS Teams or to get added to the chat channel email
  • On Friday (29th), the Anglo-Norman reading group continue to work through Marie de France’s ‘Fables’.  They meet at 5pm and if you want more information, get in touch with

In good news, the Medieval Church and Culture Seminar will return next week until the end of term when the MSt Medieval Studies students will be discussing their research. I will send along more information in next week’s email.

The amazing people at the Bodleian (especially Classics and Theology colleagues) have secured access to the Sources Chrétiennes Online which you can access via SOLO.

In July and August Lydia Schumacher has organised an online conference on thirteenth-century English Franciscans, which is free for all to join. You can find out more information and register here.

The OMS Blogs continue this week, with Matthew Holford writing on being a curator of manuscripts while working remotely. We will have even more for you soon (including pictures of owls!) as well, but let us know if you want to send us something.

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